Hosting a conference

Interested in hosting a PCST conference?

The PCST Network is inviting bids to host its 2027 conference.

The next two PCST Network conferences will take place in:

The deadline for submitting bids has been extended to the 7 March 2023.

Please send your proposal to: Heather Doran, Secretary, PCST Scientific Committee,

Bids will be considered at the meeting of the PCST Scientific Committee in Rotterdam, Netherlands at the conference in April 2023. Groups submitting a bid will be invited to make a presentation and answer questions at this meeting.

A copy of the guidelines for conference organisers is available on request.

Recent conferences have been held in:

  • 2020+1 Virtual
  • 2018 Dunedin, New Zealand
  • 2016 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2014 Salvador, Brazil
  • 2012 Florence, Italy
  • 2010 New Delhi, India
  • 2008 Malmo-­Copenhagen, Sweden-­Denmark

Bids to host a PCST conference will be considered 4 years before the event.

Submitting a bid

Bids to host a conference are normally called 6 months in advance of the meeting that will award the conference. A call to host is posted on the PCST web site and an announcement sent to the PCST discussion list.

All bidding groups should be prepared to meet the Scientific Committee at the conference, to describe their bid and answer questions.

The bid documents should be lodged with the secretary of the PCST Network five weeks before the meeting they are considered.

Organisations bidding to host the conference should address the following matters in their documentation:

  • Demonstrate that the bid enjoys wide support from science organisations in the proposed host country. Bids should be accompanied by supportive letters from organisations such as government bodies, universities, associations of science writers, science academies, industry and community groups.
  • Demonstrate the capacity and experience of the local organisers to run a major international event, including setting up a web site to publicise the event, arranging venues, helping develop the program, and organising attractive social events.
  • Describe the proposed conference facilities to show they are attractive and efficient for a conference of 350-600 registrants.
  • Present a draft budget outlining the main costs and the anticipated income for the conference. What will be the major items of expenditure? What will be the main sources of income? What will be the estimated registration fees?
  • Explain how delegates from developing countries will be supported to participate in the conference. This might be, for example, by offering reduced registration fees for people from third world countries or disadvantaged communities.
  • Include interesting and attractive social events during the conference, and tourist opportunities before and after the conference.

The bidding group has responsibility for all logistical and physical arrangements for the conference. It bears sole responsibility for all financial aspects of the conference.

The bidding group will:

  • provide the venue and conference catering, taking registrations, organising the secretariat, arranging a social program and publicity
  • collect all income (registration fees, sponsorship), pay all conference expenses, and retain all profits (or be responsible for any losses)
  • pay a registration fee of $US10 to the PCST Network for every paying registrant for the conference
  • support the attendance of members of the PCST Scientific Committee at the conference through complementary conference registration and by providing accommodation for all members of the Committee for one night
  • provide a list of all registrants with their email addresses immediately after the conference
  • elect a Local Organising Committee (LOC) to manage the conference.

The Local Organising Committee will:

  1. nominate a person to serve on the Program Committee
  2. set the conference date (in consultation with the Scientific Committee)
  3. work with the Scientific Committee to draw up detailed plans for the management of the conference including a schedule; and present this to the Scientific Committee for approval
  4. publicise the conference
  5. organise the conference venue and catering; and hire a conference organiser (or an alternative system) to manage conference registrations and accommodation
  6. establish and manage a web site to publicise the conference, take registrations and provide information on hotels and associated events and activities
  7. suggest plenary speakers for consideration by the Program Committee
  8. manage arrangements with sponsors.
  9. provide a report on the conference post-event, containing statistics, comments and suggestions on all aspects of the conference.

A copy of the guidelines for conference organisers is available on request.

The Program Committee is elected by the Scientific Committee as soon as possible after the previous conference. It is responsible for the intellectual direction of the conference.

The Program Committee will:

  1. draft an outline of the Program and the formats of discussions at the conference
  2. draft the themes for the conference
  3. within the general schedule for the conference, nominate a timetable for the submission and review of abstracts
  4. establish on the PCST web site a section which allows people to submit abstracts for consideration
  5. draw up the call for abstracts
  6. select plenary speakers (in consultation with the host country)
  7. manage the review of abstracts
  8. draw up the final program for the conference
  9. advise people who submitted abstracts if their proposal was successful.

The Program Committee will consult with the full Scientific Committee on a regular basis.

The Scientific Committee is responsible for the overall success of the conference.  It will consult with and advise the Program Committee and the Local Organising Committee.

The Scientific Committee will:

  1. select the host country
  2. advise and assist the Local Organising Committee on all aspects of the conference
  3. work with the Local Organising Committee to draw up detailed plans for the management of the conference including conference themes and a schedule
  4. elect a Program Committee to draft the call for abstracts, consider plenary speakers and draft the final conference program, as set out in the PCST by-laws
  5. suggest plenary speakers to the Program Committee
  6. help publicise the conference, including the calls for abstracts and registrations
  7. nominate members to evaluate abstracts for the conference
  8. conduct an evaluation of the conference post-event

Further details will soon be available in the PCST Conference Manual.

Conferences will be in English with another language and translation services provided where appropriate.

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