Why become a member?

Public Communication of Science and Technology network (PCST) is an active and influential international academic and professional organisation in the field of science communication.

Member benefits

  • Conference

    Members pay a discounted fee to participate in PCST conferences which are held every two years. PCST 2025 will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland from 27 to 29 May 2025.

  • Webinars

    The PCST Network runs a series of member-only webinars to capture important international perspectives on science communication. These webinars are recorded and available to members.

  • Scientific Committee

    Have your say – members vote to elect the Scientific Committee, who are responsible for managing the PCST Network.

  • Raise your profile

    Members are eligible to stand for election to the Scientific Committee. Serving on the Scientific Committee will raise your profile in the field of science communication.

  • Knowledge sharing and learning

    Share and interact with the science communication community. Post your own information or ask questions through the PCST email list.

  • Networking and sharing

    Use the PCST platform to network and connect with international peers from more than 80 countries.

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We would love for you to join our global community of individuals who are passionate about communicating about science.

What our members say

I am privileged to be part of this network and working with people locally and around the globe. I am incredibly excited about building new connections from around the globe at home in Scotland and sharing the wonderful work taking place here with those global audiences.

I’ve been a member of the PCST Global Network since 1996. My interactions with other PCST members have led to co-publishing research in emerging areas, setting up new scicomm courses and keeping up with public engagement approaches and digital innovations.  I really look forward to catching up with old friends  and making new ones the PCST conferences.

I went to my first PCST conference in Montreal in 1994. I have been to every conference since and being part of this community has changed my life. I now have colleagues and friends around the world with whom I regularly collaborate and interact. Their support and inspiration have strongly influenced how I now think, act and reflect as a science communicator.

Attending PCST conferences, joining the Scientific Committee and then joining the association when formal membership was introduced have been foundations of my research, educational and practical work in science communication. Being involved in PCST has facilitated lasting friendships and collaborations, including contributions to books, symposia, webinars, and many other initiatives.

Since attending ‘my first’ PCST conference in Melbourne (1996), the PCST Network has shaped and advanced my career in multiple ways. Over the years, I have drawn on advice, inspiration and practical help from its members that have helped me to carve out a career, first in practice and now in research, in a relatively new field in South Africa. The conferences have been an ongoing lifeline to keep me connected to others in the field and inspired by top minds and ideas.