The Teaching Forum is an international network of science communication lecturers at undergraduate, graduate and PhD level.

The Forum aims to provide a network of support for people involved in teaching science communication.  We will help our colleagues to stay in touch with current science communication advances and provide continuity between PCST Network conferences.

We will also support joint projects.

The Forum organises several global webinars each year, with content and activities reflecting the needs and wishes of our members.  Participation in webinars is restricted to PCST members.

The Forum is recognised by the PCST Network as a community of practice under the umbrella of the PCST Global Network.

Beginnings of the PCST Teaching Forum

The PCST Teaching Forum grew out of well-attended sessions at PCST Network conferences. We identified the need for a more formal group, such as a ‘community of practice’ of science communication lecturers.

The first step in that direction was a special half-day workshop organised before the Aberdeen conference in May 2020. Over 50 participants registered. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic thwarted these plans. We did not want to lose momentum or the support and enthusiasm of our participants, so we organised a first PCST Teaching Forum webinar for June 2020.

Nearly 100 participants logged on. In the ‘chat’ area associated with the Zoom event, participants expressed their appreciation for this initiative and asked to be included in future developments.