Past conferences

The PCST Network attracted 130 delegates to its first conference in Poitiers, France in 1989.

The founders of the movement include Pierre Fayard, Bernard Schiele, Valadimir De Semir and Suzanne De Cheveigne, all still actively involved in science communication.

Subsequent conferences were held in Madrid (Spain, 1991) and Montreal (Canada, 1994), and the Network has developed into a truly international organisation with a conference every two years and an active electronic discussion list.

Repository of past conference materials

The repository of PCST conference materials is made available, with open access, for all who are interested in science communication, and the contribution of the PCST Network over time.

The PCST repository documents the programmes, abstracts, full papers, and other material related to these conferences and symposia. The repository is updated after each new conference and symposium.