What’s the Buzz? A selection of outstanding science story telling in film, television and streaming video

Author: Alison Leigh – World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Australia

Thanks to new technology and new platforms, just about anyone can be a broadcaster, producer, presenter or distributor these days, creating literally millions of hours of science content.

So how can you engage and hold on to an increasingly fragmented audience? How can you stand out above the noise? No matter how significant your message you need a strong and coherent narrative to cut through and make an impact.

As Editorial Director of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers I see hundreds of hours of science content every year, from feature films and documentaries and network television to YouTube channels and streaming video. Each year I collaborate with leading practitioners of science story telling to share the most outstanding current examples of innovative and creative science story telling with our members.

I will choose a few films to discuss with you in the context of:

  • Story telling: The power of narratives
  • Visual story telling and communication
  • Techniques of science communication
  • Science: Scientists and Communication
  • Society: Science, art and popular culture

What’s the Buzz? will be a look at some of the most innovative, most acclaimed and most successful examples of storytelling on scientific topics in film, television and streaming video.

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Presentation type: Workshop
Theme: Stories
Area of interest: Teaching science communication