A Sight of the Life Molecule

Author: Marcela Angola Bañuelos Cedano, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Mexico


  • Laura Isabel González Guerrero
  • Roberto Hinojosa Nava
  • Klaudia Bañuelos Cedano
  • Víctor Iván Hernández Molina

The workshop entitled “Una Mirada a la Molécula de la Vida” (A Sight of the Life Molecule) addresses different aspects to human heritage, and these are put forward trough touch sense using pedagogical materials developed by the “Cascabel” divulgation group of the Facultad de Ciencias of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM). The main objective of the workshop is to sensitize society about the blindness and to make available to the blind people scientific information through the proposed activities. The participants in the workshop are short-sightedness and general people. In the activity, each participant gets a box containing 20 pairs of chromosome models and three single ones.

All the 20 pairs are different so by touching them they can be differentiated. The eyes of the normal seeing participants are covered with a mask so they can to know the situation of the blind people; at the same time we said about the history and some important aspects about the human heritage.