Cardinal virtues and capital vices in science communication

Cardinal virtues and capital vices in science communication

Author: Massimiano Bucchi – Università di Trento, Italy

How do we recognise “good” and “bad” science communication?

The theme of quality has long been neglected in our field, as it has been the theme of values of science communication.

During the last decade, however, in the literature as well as at PCST conferences, a new and promising discussion of these themes has begun, highlighting (among other things) that quality in science communication cannot be neither assessed nor addressed without reference to the broader social, political and cultural context, including values, aims, expectations towards science communication.

In this insight talk, I propose explore the potential of traditional cardinal virtues and capital vices to provide a source of intellectual inspiration for dealing with the challenges of quality and values in science communication.

For example, do vices like wrath or pride belong in (bad) science communication? And can we regard prudence and temperance as virtues of good science communication?

This insight talk is based on theoretical studies and reflection (from Aristoteles to contemporary science communication studies), drawing upon examples and results from science communication research (e.g. studies of aims of science communication, impact evaluation studies).

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Presentation type: Insight talk
Theme: Time