Crowdsourcing the storytelling: Competitions in quantum film and fiction

Crowdsourcing the storytelling: Competitions in quantum film and fiction

Author: Jenny Hogan – National University of Singapore, Singapore

Michael Brooks
Ariane Koek

Quantum Shorts is an annual competition that has run since 2012, alternating between calls for short films and flash fiction that draw on the ideas and themes of quantum physics. Organised by the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore as a public engagement initiative, Quantum Shorts aims to inspire and encourage learning about quantum physics. The contest exists through a website that hosts resources and submissions. Film entries have also been presented at live events.

We will tell the story of how the contest has built reach through partnerships and share results of a survey of 121 participants. To investigate how the contest affected attitudes, we asked people how Quantum Shorts stories and films made them feel. Of 377 selections from a set list, 69% were for impacts associated with being inspired, curious, and interested in further study. Less than 2% were for negative impacts, namely feeling confused about quantum physics or pessimistic about technology.

We seek to exchange ideas with organisers of similar events about the opportunities and pitfalls of using fiction for communication and techniques to evaluate the impact of such outreach.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

Presentation type: Visual talk
Theme: Stories
Area of interest: Investigating science communication practices