Author: Franzisca Weder – University of Queensland, School of Communication and Arts, Australia

In this presentation, my current ecoculture jam #finaltrashtination is presented as higher education assignment and intervention in science communication that carry the potential to provide learners with the tools to use communication frameworks and acts not only to critique the abovementioned status quo but also to collaboratively generate transformation (Milstein & Pulos, 2015, p. 395; Woodside, 2001; Nome, 20012; Dery, 1999). Such acts of jamming dominant environmentally destructive ways of being integrate a variety of interesting communication strategies to engage the public in raising awareness about environmental problems, as well as solutions, using creative means to “create cracks in underlying systems of power, and to promote unsettling moments of reflection and debate” (Milstein & Pulos, 2015, p. 397; de Certau, 1988). The ecoculture jam presented with a short film took place at a European University, where the University’s 2-week-plastic waste was unfurled in front of the University’s main entrance and then built into walls in the front hall. People entering the University were asked to take some waste and help to “build the wall”, additionally conversations were stimulated. Herewith, the ecoculture jam stimulated a “crack” in existing patterns of behavior and consumption as well as reflections of (un)sustainable behavior.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

Presentation type: Visual presentation
Theme: Transformation