How to Deal with Growing PETs?: Co-Creating Guidelines for European Public Engagement Trainings

How to Deal with Growing PETs?: Co-Creating Guidelines for European Public Engagement Trainings

Author: Annette Klinkert – European Science Engagement Association, EUSEA, Germany


  • Edward Duca – Head of Public Engagement, Malta University, Malta
  • Kenneth Skeldon – Wellcome Genome Campus, United Kingdom

All over Europe, Public Engagement Trainings, PETs, are emerging. These PETs come in different forms and sizes. They promise multiple benefits and cover a wide range of topics – from communication to stakeholder engagement, from evaluation to funding opportunities, from self-assessment to career development. PETs in Europe are conducted by a large and diverse variety of trainers inside and outside of academia. As Open Science and Public Engagement are gaining relevance in the European funding landscape, PET providers increasingly reach out to researchers, science communicators, universities and academic institutions, promising them to support their needs in meeting the new expectations.

In this session, a group of European Public Engagement practitioners and researchers will a) give an overview of the development of PETs over the last decade; b) present and critically reflect on a selection of currently running PET programs and c) elaborate on future requirements in changing European Research and Innovation landscapes.

Together with the PCST participants, we will strive to develop a set of Practical Guidelines for European PETs. We will do so in a co-creative way: After a 10 min input from each speaker, participants will split up into 3-5 roundtables. At each table, quality criteria for PETs will be developed, which will be shared with the larger PCST Community after the conference. The session will present “do’s and don’ts”, enabling participants to develop their own PETs or find the best ones in their neighbourhood.

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