Media Representations towards Nanotechnology in Taiwan-Agenda setting and framing

Media Representations towards Nanotechnology in Taiwan-Agenda setting and framing

Author: Pei-Ling Lin – National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan


  • Chun-Yen Chang – National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Nanotechnology (Nano) has become a popular applied science in the 21st century. Its popularity is manifested not only in increased research, resulting in a number of breakthroughs, but also in its increased use by commercial industries to produce “Nano products” that have sold well in recent years. However, even though researchers have become increasingly aware of the potential risks that Nano presents, the general public’s awareness of these risks has remained quite low. How should we frame our considerations and arguments about this emerging science, especially after being exposed to often conflicting news reports? Investigating the local development and variety of media attention toward emerging science and technology such as Nano is a worthy step toward figuring out the important factors that drive these relationships.

Research motivations include investigating agenda-setting activities (what themes in the Nano news were chosen as important issues?), and then investigating the framing effects on Nano news (how Taiwanese media represents the themes in different frames?).

The results showed the media representation of Nano in the Taiwan has been shaped as an emerging scientific idol which not only benefits public daily life but also increases the national interest and competitiveness of Taiwan. This is of concern, since there is little evidence that the public understands the risks associated with Nano.

Detailed text analysis results of an exploration of Taiwanese agenda setting and framing effects toward Nano by using news articles from The United Daily News database from 2002 to 2009 will be presented in the conference. Furthermore, in order to present the unique angles from Taiwan’s media toward Nano, instead of using instruments, which are based on western media contexts (like US and EU), a new coding instrument which is located on Taiwanese media was developed by the authors will be provided in the presentation.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

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