Quantum Empowerment: How can we organise evidence-based science communication for a dialogue on quantum science and technology?

Author: Aletta Meinsma – Leiden University, Netherlands


  • Julia Cramer – Leiden University, Netherlands

What if science fiction entangles with daily live? What if a societally disruptive technology is based on counter-intuitive science? There is a gap between science and society, maintained by mystique narratives. Especially in the field of quantum science and technology, it is high time to develop a framework to openly discuss breakthroughs and applications, to demystify such enigmatic science for the larger audience.

Since a decade, quantum science does no longer only excist fundamental research that is done in dark basements of university buildings. Recently, world-wide joint efforts focus on the technological opportunities of quantum science. This new emerging technology does not pass society unnoticed. Media are fond of this exciting and spooky technology. Recently, the race on ‘quantum supremacy’ was kicked-off by Google, covering the headlines of most mainstream media.

Evidence-based public engagement and research on the impact of quantum technology on society is highly relevant. By organizing, evaluating and improving well-thought outreach on quantum technology the societal relevance will be understood. Furthermore, it will help us to understand the bigger picture of the role of science communication in the societal acceptance and concerns towards fundamental science and new technology.

In this visual presentation I will present my ideas on public dialogue around quantum science and technology. I will reflect on previous fundamental scientific research that has had an impact on society, and I will discuss if and how we can organise robust outreach on quantum science and technology. The presentation is intended as a start for further discussion on the topic.

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Presentation type: Visual presentation
Theme: Technology