Mistakes, fun, creativity – reinventing the idea of a meeting

Mistakes, fun, creativity – reinventing the idea of a meeting

Author: Satu Lipponen – Cancer Society of Finland, Finland

Wolfgang Goede – Free lance science journalist
Mikko Myllykoski – Science Centre Heureka
Orlando Werffeli – Annexio Ltd

This workshop puts the focus on the audience. It explores ways to increase collaborative knowledge production. Can we learn from mistakes and turn them into innovations?

1. Confession Session – What if instead of listing your successes you reveal your worst mistakes? Join a ‘Confession Session’ where we share learning from mistakes – our own and those of others. Honest peer learning boosts professional identity and bridges generations. Mistakes are not a problem; learning from them is. Let’s maximize the learning process. The throwable microphone (Catchbox) will make this participatory session dynamic, enjoyable, and therapeutic.

2. Can serious be fun? – Engaging researchers in conferences is a challenge, so let’s throw in a few disruptive novelties. We can add collaborative elements to meetings to increase knowledge sharing and to strengthen policy implementation. Innovation/ Implementation Labs are deliberative exchange structures in face-to-face meetings. The aim is to exercise problem solving together and find the best policy options to apply.

3. How to increase collaboration in online meetings? – The future of our working habits looks promising: we’re spending less time in offices or in transit, and more in the field – doing the work that matters. So let’s make sure we use technology to our full advantage and not lose the human factors of meeting face-to-face. This active 10-minute session will increase your virtual toolkit, equipping you for the most collaborative and constructive meetings you’ve had.

Presentation type: Workshop
Theme: Society
Area of interest: Influencing policies through science communication