Research, #Huh?: Improving Clinical Research Awareness

Research, #Huh?: Improving Clinical Research Awareness

Author: Emma Berry – NHS Grampian, United Kingdom


  • Mariella D’Alessandro – NHS Grampian, United Kingdom


Clinical research is behind most of the advances in healthcare, but its public perception can be quite negative. Previous work has been carried out to improve research understanding, but many people still do not know what clinical research is and its importance. We believe that improving the understanding of research will lead to more clinical research studies, as well as higher recruitment and involvement.


To plan an engaging way to communicate with the public about clinical research, to improve awareness and understanding.


We have developed a website to improve clinical research awareness. The website contains customised resources to encourage understanding of clinical research – including an animation and videos of studies’ participants and research staff. We have also developed a clinical research interactive game and a database with information on studies open for recruitment in NHS Grampian. The website and customised tools have been guided by public and staff involvement.

Results and Conclusions:

The website was launched in March 2018 and it is the first stage to improving awareness and involvement within NHS Grampian. We are now using this website as a platform to promote research engagement. We are evaluating this project, to establish its impact on public engagement in clinical research.

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