Science communication – How to get from the lab bench to the stock exchange

Science communication – How to get from the lab bench to the stock exchange

Author: Veronica Stevenson – Humble Bee Ltd, New Zealand

Technological advancements permeate nearly every sector and industry, and a strengthening public trend is putting academic researchers under increasing pressure to show the commercial relevance of their research. We are also seeing increasing interest from venture capital funds and high net-worth individuals in the potential of science-based intellectual property. Despite their desire to find and work with each other, the gap between scientists and business remains vast. Effective science communication is key to bridging the divide, especially as the way in which research is evaluated for public funding has shifted towards the applied. A growing awareness of this fact is beginning to shape the way stories are told by researchers as they’re seeking funding, and it is changing the types of research that are being done.

This presentation will provide practical insights from real-world projects at the interface between science and business. How does the investment community differ from other science communication audiences? What format do researchers need to use when starting a conversation with investors? As academic institutions become more industry R&D focused what will this mean for the future of pure research?

Veronica Stevenson is a biotechnology entrepreneur who has used science communication to bring different institutions, disciplines and private equity together on a commercial research and development project. She has for the last two years mentored at KiwiNets’ workshop ‘Get Funded’ a that teaches academics how to tell the applied story of their work.

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Presentation type: Show, tell and talk
Theme: Stories
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice