Science communication – The heartbeat of collaboration in science & technology development

Science communication – The heartbeat of collaboration in science & technology development

Author: Maarten van der Sanden – Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Sarah Davies – University of Copenhagen
Edward Duca – University of Malta
Eva Kalmar – Delft University of Technology
Frank Nuijens – Delft University of Technology

The successful development of science and technology heavily depends on the ability and opportunities of scientists, engineers, R&D developers, policy makers and citizens to collaborate with their colleagues, peers, alliances, in business-to-business relations and business-to-consumer relations.

We can see science communication as enabler of that collaboration in the context of innovation. But if we focus on this role of science communication, what kind of new science communication challenges do we face? What are differences in perspectives of all kinds of actors involved, like scientists, media, industry, citizens and policymakers? How could we take these into account?

And on a more abstract level: what is the connection between all these various forms of collaboration at various levels? What are the advantages and drawbacks of this collaboration point of view, practically and theoretically? How does collaboration develop the identity of science and technology and its actors and what could we learn from each other?

To structure the round table session, all 5 participants will shortly introduce a concrete example of collaboration in science and technology, highlighting a different perspective: the public, media, scientists, policy or business. These examples will be central in discussing the above questions. All attendants to the session are invited to take part in the discussion to explore the role of science communication as the heartbeat of collaboration in science and technology development.

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Presentation type: Roundtable discussion
Theme: Science
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice