Stellar Entangelment – VR Video

Stellar Entangelment – VR Video

Author: Jan Swierkowski – Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal, Portugal

The connections between particles in the Universe do not differ from the connections between us. Is it possible, however, that some of us are contaminated with the same elements that constituted past civilizations? In the end, as astronomers say, each of us carries a souvenir of cosmic catastrophes – supernova explosions. If so, is the fact that we are built of the same matter as the fiery nuclei of stars allows us to be called “children of stars” or is there something more needed? “Stellar Entanglement” (2019) is a VR project resulting from the merger of two galaxies – the art and science group Instytut B61 and the directing duo The Kissinger Twins.

The effect of the symbiotic cooperation of artists is a lot more than just a VR experience dealing with the issue of cosmic quantum entanglement. The project, based on the motifs of the immersive spectacle directed by Jan Swierkowski, tells the story of a mysterious scientific institute trying to secure the immortality of a civilization imprisoned on a doomed planet in a remote region of our Galaxy. However, its main focus is the search of the place of the Universe inside the Humans.

The VR film can be presented along with one of the figurative installations presented in the immersive performance depicting the magnitude and infinity of the Universe. The giant “Sand Machine” by sculptor Dominik Smuzny is used by the Institute B61 in order to calculate the IT (Infinite Things). Each of the more than one billion grains of sand constituting its base represents one of the Stars of the Milky Way. The machine itself contains still at most one-hundredth of all stars in our Galaxy. However, there are over two billion galaxies in the Universe. Is it possible that we are alone?

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