Joan Leach

PCST Network Committee

Committee member

Asia, Australasia and the rest of the World
Elected 2023 – Term ends 2027

Professor Joan Leach is Director of the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University. Given the broad nature of CPAS’s research and teaching interests in science communication, public engagement, policy, risk, and ethics, she strives to make the Centre a home for inter-and transdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Her own research and teaching centres on theories of the public in science communication, rhetoric in science (both public and technical), and the challenge of ethics in science communication. She is keenly interested in how knowledge travels and edited the journal Social Epistemology for 9 years.

She is past president of Australian Science Communicators and Chair of the National Committee for History and Philosophy of Science at the Australian Academy of Science. She has called Australia home since 2005 and has been privileged to work in leading Universities around the world.

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