Siddharth Kankaria

PCST Network Committee

Committee member

Asia, Australasia and the rest of the World
Elected 2023 – Term ends 2027

Siddharth is a maverick working at the intersection of science communication research, practice, and teaching in India. He currently works as the Communications and Programme Coordinator at NCBS Bangalore, where he also teaches two foundational courses in science communication.

Siddharth has a BS (Research) in Biology from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and an MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He has a rich diversity of work experiences across India and the UK, and is also the Founder of SciCommSci Club – a flagship initiative for engaging with the science of science communication and promoting evidence-based science engagement practices in India.

Siddharth spends his time advocating for more inclusive, decolonised and multi-cultural forms of science engagement; contributing to training, mentorship, and capacity-building efforts; and building policy, infrastructure and communities of practice for strengthening science-society interfaces in the Global South.

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