Yu-Yen Pan

PCST Network Committee

Committee member

Student representative
Elected 2023 – Term ends 2025

I am a PhD student at the Department of Earth Science, Simon Fraser University. My research focuses on better communicating natural hazard information with different communities and making people more aware and prepared. The nature of my study allows me to apply both theoretical and practical methods through a series of community-engagement works, which truly broaden my horizon about science communication. I have been enthusiastic about science communication since 2015 when I founded “PlaYinStone,” the YouTube channel where I shared Earth’s stories with kids in Taiwan. In 2017, I did a summer internship at Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, where I learned scriptwriting and video editing. Afterward, I engaged in various science outreach in Taiwan and Canada, including exhibitions in geoparks, blog writing, in-person science activities, etc. Now, I am more focused on informal educational material design and bridging teachers and communicators.

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