Call for workshop, performance and Speakers’ Corner proposals

19 September 2019

Call for non-traditional conference formats for PCST 2020.

The PCST Conference 2020 in Aberdeen is inviting submissions for Workshops, Performances and Speakers’ Corner. Institutions, organisations, projects, individuals and groups of individuals are welcome to submit proposals of max. 300 words. These should be submitted by 1 December 2019.

Workshops will take place on Monday, 25 May 2020, the day before the main conference in Aberdeen, Scotland. They must clearly address a topic or topics in science communication, and may run for a half-day or full day. They might be a training activity, a practice demonstration, a discussion or debate, and should be distinct from the formats that the conference itself includes.

Performances will be scheduled through the three days of the main conference. They may be in several possible formats, including theatre, music, readings and dance. They should be maximum 30 minutes long and designed to be presented in a standard conference setting with minimal technical requirements, e.g. no spotlights, and own props.

Speakers’ Corner will be an occasional pop-up platform during the conference for short, informal, provocative talks (maximum 5 minutes) proposing a new idea or argument and aimed to stimulate discussion. Speakers’ Corner slots are verbal presentations but if you do have any specific requirements relating to access or anything you would like to demonstrate physically please let us know this information in your proposal.