PCST Venice Symposium shares Concluding Statement

21 November 2023

The PCST held a Symposium, Science Communication Education and Training: Challenges and Strategies for Research and Academic Institutions, in Venice from 28-30 September 2023.

The Symposium addressed the challenges that academic and research institutions face with respect to public communication and public engagement. Special attention was given to education and training to support quality science communication.

Concluding Statement

A Concluding Statement was prepared based on the Symposium discussions, to draw attention to the need for research and academic institutions to consider the strategic value of public communication of science, and to mobilise support for these activities. Please share the Statement as widely as possible.

Join the COALESCE project Community of Practices (CoPs)

During the Symposium, the COALESCE project shared their objectives and opportunities related to building the European Competence Centre on Science Communication. In order to continue sharing your practices and experiences in science communication, and get involved in the different activities to build the Centre, please register to join the COALESCE project Community of Practices (CoPs).

About the Symposium

Co-organised by Venice International University (VIU), and the Public Communication of Science and Technology Network (PCST), the PCST Venice Symposium put together, on the one hand, the expectations and needs of academic institutions in the area of science communication, and on the other hand, the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the PCST community along with practical experience.

Almost 100 participants from Europe and the rest of the world attended the PCST Venice Symposium, divided into four working groups to explore and discuss:

  • Supporting researchers’ public communication
  • Recruiting science communication professionals and developing their competences
  • Evaluating and improving the quality of research communication
  • Using science communication research results in institutional activities

Each working group explored existing experiences, open challenges and how to tackle them for each of the indicated topic.


 Symposium website
 Concluding Statement