Author: Sema Becerikli, Ankara University, Turkey

Co-author: Ciler Dursun

The purpose of this paper is to try to understand science technology and innovation journalism practices in Turkey. Paper is based on the survey and deeply interview studies. Studies were conducted with 75 reporters attended to the three workshops in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir.

The survey basically consists of two main parts. The first part consists of the participants’ socio-demographic characteristics (age, sex, education level, previous profession, seniority) in order to analyse the information was compiled. Science, technology and innovation journalism practices of production processes and structure of news reporters and institutions to understand their attitude towards this
issue has been addressed with 15 questions in the second part. In-depth interviews were carried out in this section. The questionnaire was evaluated in SPSS 16. The interview data were interpreted to be decoded.

The survey data are analysed, a field of science, technology and innovation journalism is not yet specialized and we can say that journalists have several difficulties in the process of making news.