Author: Adriana Bravo Williams – Universidad Nacional de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico

Much has been said about what science is, and the importance of its popularization and what the strategies for effective communication can be. However, little has been written about what students perceive and their conceptual and practical aspects that are related to this work. The National Autonomous University of Mexico has a Department with specialist in science communication with various mediums. This allows undergraduate students to collaborate their projects and for this, we provide training courses to develop their abilities and skills that apply to science communication. Some of them study communication, but there are other students from architecture, physics, graphic design, literature and psychology who are not necessarily dedicated to the communication field but still gain the experience to learn science and develop skills to communicate. I have been part of the team that has intervened in the training of students. I evaluate, compile and synthesize the opinions expressed and have been doing this for five years. It is my intention to tell my story, so I can motivate new ideas and reflect on the different responses, first in the theoretical field, secondly in the practice itself that could reconcile theory and practice.

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Presentation type: Individual paper
Theme: Society
Area of interest: Teaching science communication