Author: Sri Jothi – Asan Memorial College of Arts and Science, India

The information and communication through internet become a persuasive force in transforming culture, knowledge, social, economic, and political existence of life globally. Without incorporation of internet into the information age, the communication growth will not happen, which instigate in developing the country or region. Most women within developing countries are access to and use of these internet technologies for various communication purposes but are directly linked to social and economic development, and then it is very important to ensure that women in developing countries understand the significance of these technologies and use them. The major component and driving force of societal development is communication. And women make up a large portion of any nation’s human resources, providing a rich potential supply of talented creators and innovators in their community. The gender revolution in communication technology is uneven but not stalled. In a broad range of disciplines, women in the developing society are able to get access to information and communication through internet technology. Analysing and receiving reliable statistics on women’s Internet use and the purpose of usage in developing countries is very difficult. The paradigm indicator is not disaggregated by gender, and the available data are not very consistent or comparable. Most women Internet users in almost all developing countries are not representative of women in the country as a whole, but rather are part of a small, urban educated community. Thus the study is done to analyse the purpose of information and communication through internet among women in the society.

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Presentation type: Individual paper
Theme: Society
Area of interest: Investigating science communication practices