Author: Ulrike Kastrup – focusTerra, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

At focusTerra, the Earth Science Research and Information Centre of ETH Zurich, we focus on promoting the understanding, discovery and enjoyment of Earth and Planetary Sciences within a societal context. We share our knowledge of the history, dynamics and treasures of the planets through exhibitions and a multitude of events that reflect state of the art research. Our solar system exhibition showcased solar system research at the Departments of Earth Sciences and Astronomy (ETH and University of Zürich) using a novel approach of scientific storytelling. We have worked closely with our “local heroes”, the scientists, to highlight their research and get to the heart of what each person’s “big question” is that makes them tick.

We have succeeded in bringing out the personal in our colleagues” research and we take the audience into their world to see what research is really like. Our presentation format ““ a science comic ““ is a combination of art and science and provides what we hope is a fun journey for lay people and experts alike into the science world of our planetary environment. The comics of the exhibition continue to be available as books in four languages and together with our tailor-made school materials provide a great way of teaching science today.

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Presentation type: Insight talk
Theme: Time