Author: Akemi Nagao – Salesian Polytechnic, Japan

These days, we can have easy access to various kinds of scientific information via internet news, TV, and social networking services. However, many people often feel at a loss to choose what to believe among overwhelming amount of information. This is particularly true in the field of science news because they do not have enough opportunities to be exposed to scientific mindset. It is highly important for us to encourage them to form better science literacy.

My proposal aims to assist general people to naturally form a scientific way of thinking by presenting a few unique chemical experiments in which I use wine and other objects familiar to general people. I will also introduce some interesting metaphoric ways to liken basic chemical principles and reactions to human behaviours.

I hope that this unique attempt will encourage many people to feel science more closer to them and how scientific knowledge can help them to make appropriate decisions in many aspects of their daily life.

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Presentation type: Show, tell and talk
Theme: Science
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice