Author: Roselyne Namayi, Kenya


  • Cynthia Mauncho, Kenya
  • Noni Mumba, Kenya
  • Salim Mwalukore, Kenya

Jukwaa la Utafiti (Research platform): A Health Research Radio Programme at the Kenyan Coast
Noni Mumba, Cynthia Mauncho, Roselyne Namayi, Gladys Sanga, Salim Mwalukore, Irene Jao, Sassy Molyneux, Dorcas Kamuya

KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme
Research at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) on the coast of Kenya is supported through a vibrant community and public engagement strategy. Engagement activities have mostly been implemented within the Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance area (KHDSS – an area of approximately 260,000 people), where KWTRP conducts research and census activities. Our approaches have comprised a range of face-to-face activities that are limited in reach and scale. Jukwaa la Utafiti was a radio program that was initiated as part of KWTRP’s overall engagement strategy, to meaningfully engage publics within and beyond the KHDSS.

The radio program was implemented in collaboration with the Kilifi County Department of Health. The weekly 2-hour live studio show hosted two to three studio guests, comprising of KWTRP researchers and a County Health staff. Guests interacted with listeners through discussions, phone text messages and live calls.

To date, 40 scientists have participated in live studio sessions and presented close to 45 research studies. Researchers have appreciated the opportunity to dialogue with Publics about their research projects. Listeners also got an opportunity to share their views and concerns about research. While this method of engagement reaches a wide audience, estimated 50,000 people, the depth of engagement is limited compared to face-to-face interactions. This approach also requires large funding resources, including a dedicated staff to run the project. A dedicated group of listeners is also important to measure listenership of the programme.

Approaches that are innovative, stimulating and interactive are increasingly being embraced by researchers. We present our experiences through a short PowerPoint and a 5 minute film.

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