Author: Kristian H. Nielsen – Aarhus University, Denmark


  • Fred P. Balvert – Erasmus University Medical Centre, Netherlands
  • Dmitry Malkov – ITMO University, Russia
  • Arko Olesk – Tallinn University, Estonia

This session addresses practices and cultures of science communication, past and present. We aim to engage empirically and conceptually with the historical development of media, actors, systems and institutions of science communication up from the 19th century and up until the present day. We present papers on different regions and countries: Scandinavia, Russia, Estonia and the Netherlands. We seek to provide historical overviews and new understandings of the emergence of practices and cultures of science communication in national as well as transnational contexts. Time and place as well as different media for science communication play an important role in all presentations demonstrating how historical contexts for science communication change and thus enable transformations in the ways in which actors practice and perceive science communication. All presentations emphasize contextual factors that have shaped and continue to shape practices and cultures of science communication. The discussion will be facilitated by our chair Michelle Riedlinger of University of the Fraser Valley. The first three out of the four papers are based on chapters in Communicating Science: A Global Perspective, edited by Toss Gasgoigne et al., ANU Press, 2020 (open access,

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Presentation type: Linked papers
Theme: Time