Author: Xenia Rueda – UNAM, Mexico

The aim of this paper is to show the application of the intercultural communication model of science and technology that promotes the Social Appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASCTeI), implemented in the community of San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla Mixe of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, through the Project funded by the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACyT).

The paper is divided into three parts. The first one describes the conceptual framework in which epistemic equity and deliberative dialogue are considered as the basis for establishing social innovation networks that build projects in search of the Social Appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation. The second part presents the necessary elements to constitute a model of intercultural communication that promotes dialogue and especially communication in order to constitute demands and public participation of all those affected from a diverse, pluralistic and just perspective for the benefit of the communities. Finally, the third section describes the actors and communities that participate in the deliberative dialogue of the problems that affect the San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla Mixe community from the perspective of epistemic equity.

The project was developed from three transversal axes to fulfill the main objective. Consensus conferences were held, bringing together interested groups to analyze the benefits and consequences of scientific practice and their relationship to their daily lives. Subsequently, workshops were held in which extensive and argumentative discussions were held on some scientific and technological practices that have an implication in society, in order to provide information to the community. Finally, sociocultural networks were established, which sought to realize the appropriation of knowledge that in turn generate social innovations, that arise, are developed and are implemented within the community itself, for their own benefit.

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Presentation type: Individual paper
Theme: Society
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice