Author: Dana Topousis – University of California, Davis, United States

In November 2016, the Office of Strategic Communications of the University of California, Davis created a half-day science communications training for faculty, graduate students, and post-docs, with a focus on storytelling and messaging, for a nominal fee. What is unique about our program is that it was developed and is run by the Office of Strategic Communications. While other university communications departments provide ad-hoc or regular media training to faculty, we are one of the only universities in the U.S. that runs a program of this stature through its central university communications department.

The scope of our program covers the value of good communications to a variety of audiences—including media, legislators, donors, alumni, and other public audiences. We present data and provide best practices, tools, practice, and individual feedback on how to deliver messages compellingly and effectively.

The author will present key insights about the value of this program after more than three years, including how we have built relationships with faculty to expand our program. She will provide survey results from universities across the United States about the work they’re doing in the realm of sceince communication training. Finally, the author will share results of a new leadership program for women faculty in STEAM fields, developed and delivered in partnership between UC Davis Strategic Communications and senior faculty.

As part of this PCST session, the author will provide lessons learned, feedback and data from our workshops, feedback from a faculty advisory group, and details about how we’re working to expand this work in California.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

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