Author: Gabriela Villen – Unicamp, Brazil


  • Rossilho Marilisa – University of Campinas, Brazil

Based on the experience of the Communication Office for Outreach and Culture of the University of Campinas, in Brazil, this paper analyzes the dimensions of the university’s engagement with society since the Covid-19 outbreaking. Almost every research group, laboratory, and school turned towards helping society to cope with the crises. Everywhere, interdisciplinary initiatives were brought together to understand the virus and all the economic and social problems taking place and to come. The Communication Office for Outreach and Culture had a key role in giving visibility to those initiatives, as much as in helping them be carried on virtually. A video report series tried to bring some of those actions to the public. Our cultural branch has also been called on stage. Society needed art and culture. As much as artists were willing to express themselves. Visual arts exhibitions, cultural workshops, and art festivals were produced 100% online. Our social media accounts also had to produce special content and seek specific language to spread the content successfully in each media. This insight talk may contribute to other communicators facing the same challenges, as well as for mapping outreach experiences and enhancing the university’s actuation in a pandemic context.

The author has not yet submitted a copy of the full paper.

Presentation type: Insight talk
Theme: Transformation