A Model to Communicate Science from Institutes of Scientific Research

A Model to Communicate Science from Institutes of Scientific Research

Author: Gabriela Frias Villegas – Nuclear Sciences Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

In the last few years most of the institutes of scientific research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico have transformed the way they share their knowledge, and have created science communications units with the purpose of transmitting the product of their scientists’s research to wide audiences. For my PhD dissertation in science communication I did an ethnographic research of some of the communication of science actions created by specialists who work in several Mexican institutes specialized in areas related to physics. I also interviewed those people in charge of the science communication projects to learn about their interests, their goals and the models they were using, if any. Afterwards, I visited 10 science communication of science projects within Institutes, centers and experiments of areas related to physics around the world, to do interviews and ethnographic work.

Once I gathered the information, I analyzed it with tools from sociology and philosophy of science, comparing the results with all the projects I visited. With this knowledge in mind, I created a Dialog Model to Communicate Science from institutes of Scientific research, that recognizes multiculturalism, with the intention of communicating science in a horizontal way, to different cultural groups. In this insight talk I will focus on some of the practical uses of the Dialog Model to Communicate Science that I propose in different settings and the results obtained by applying it with different kinds of audiences, in terms of a more effective appropriation of science and a wider dissemination of knowledge.

This talk is the result of my PhD research about science communication projects in institutes of scientific research, but also about the practical work that I carried out for 10 years, in which I used the Model I propose.

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Presentation type: Insight talk
Theme: Transformation