A scientific meal in 3 dishes

Author: Erez Garty – Davidson Institute of Science Education, Israel

Food is one of the topics almost anyone can relate to because, well, we all eat. The amount of science in food products is enormous, from the chemistry of baking, through the biotechnology of cheese and wine, nutrition, the effect of chocolate on the brain and of course the many myths of diets. At the Davidson Institute of Science Education we have developed a scientific meal where every dish has a scientific meaning. The first dish deals in the chemistry of food, the second dish in ecology and dilemas of feeding the growing poulation of the world and the dessert in about how our food makes us feel. In this workshop I will present the three-course meal (virtually) and discuss the many aspects of each dish. This workshop was already practiced on teachers, students and chefs from the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and we are developing a MOOC these days. The workshop will include cool anecdotes, discussiopns, demonstrations and of course some samples for tasting. It is recommended to not to come hungry to this workshop.

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Presentation type: Workshop
Theme: Stories
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice