S-Factor – creative ways to communicate science

S-Factor – creative ways to communicate science

Author: Erez Garty – Davidson Institute of Science Education, Israel

Revital Ahronov – Ms
Oshrit Navon – PhD

TV reality contests are not only an efficient way to get high rating they are also a good way to connect people to science. We have seen numerous YouTube channels dedicated to expressing science through music, dance and comedy and decided to try and create our own X-Factor style science talent show for participants from the academy and from different fields of the art. In this contest we looked for nominees from universities, art schools, science excellence programs and followers of science Facebook pages. To those who wanted we offered scientific mentoring and screened the best 3 nominees who excelled in creativity, science accuray and the WOW factor. The competition will take place in our annual “Connecting people to science” on December 17th (after the date of submission of this abstract) and the best show will win a small scholarship, an option to produce a video using our studio and staff and hopefully also a chance to appear on TV. During this talk I will address the process, show selected parts from the auditions and the competition (with translation to English) and the results of the competition (radio/TV interviews, video clip etc.)

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Presentation type: Show, tell and talk
Theme: Science
Area of interest: Applying science communication research to practice