Increase science reporting in the media in three easy steps

Increase science reporting in the media in three easy steps

Author: Erez Garty – Davidson Institute of Science Education, Israel

Naama Bar-On – Ms
Merav Dvori – Ms

One of the biggest challenges in science communications is reaching the public. Some people go to scientific activities, visit science museums and research centers or subscribe to a popular science journals. Reaching and connecting the rest of the people to science, however, is quite a challenge. At the Davidson Institute of Science Education, we have established a department that managed within two years to revolutionize the Israeli science communication market, publishing scientific items written by scientists and edited by journalists every day in all platforms – Most of Israeli major news websites, TV (talk shows, children’s channel, the sports channel etc.) radio (a daily science radio show) and the social networks. Several organizations followed our lead and started publishing scientific items on the media as well. The result is an explosion of science content reaching almost every household In Israel through the TV set, radio, computer or smartphone. In this video we will describe how this revolution was done, what were our challenges and how we overcame them and present data about how people react to our science content outside of its traditional place.

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Presentation type: Visual talk
Theme: Science
Area of interest: Influencing policies through science communication