Emerging trends and issues in citizen science

Emerging trends and issues in citizen science

Author: Bobby Cerini – Australian Government & The Australian National University, Australia

TBC – SciStarter
TBC – Citizen Science Association
TBC – Citizen CyberScience Centre
TBC – Questagame/Austarlian National University
Claudia Göbel – European Citizen Science Association
Victoria Metcalf – NZ government (OPMCSA), PSP

Citizen science has expanded globally since the mid-1990s, marked by a proliferation of opportunities for citizens to participate in the practice, culture and narratives of science and leading to the emergence of exciting (and sometimes challenging) new areas of research, policy and narrative. This roundtable discussion will bring together a panel of international experts to reflect on current practices relating to citizen science and highlight major trends and emerging issues and opportunities for the global science communication community. What are the ethical, political, regulatory and societal implications associated with instances of citizen science? Does operating at scale in pursuit of a national science narrative compromise local and regional stories related to identity, culture and opportunity? What wicked problems are emerging, of impact, value, empowerment, liability and knowledge production, amongst others? And what issues are unfolding for citizen participants and researchers whose role is simultaneously individual and collective, unique and standardised, virtual and physical?

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Presentation type: Roundtable discussion
Theme: Society
Area of interest: Comparing science communication across cultures