Review of 70 Years Development of Science Communication in China: From the Perspective of Policy and Governance

Author: Guangbin Liu – Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, China


  • Xuan Liu – National Academy of Innovation Strategy, Beijing, 100863, China
  • Jianquan Ma – National Academy of Innovation Strategy, Beijing, 100863, China
  • Fujun Ren – National Academy of Innovation Strategy, Beijing, 100863, China

Abstract: 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. From the perspective of the evolution of science communication policy system and governance mechanism analysis, this paper systematically sorts out the related policies over the past 7 decades. Through policy text analysis, combined with the historical statistics of science communication development, a comprehensive review of the evolution, main achievements and challenges of the science communication policy and practice in China are presented.

The evolution of science communication in China is roughly divided into four stages: institutional reconstruction, structural maturity, legal-system construction, and overall strategy upgrading. The paper also analyzes the era background and economic and social needs of the escalating national strategy of science communication in China, and structurally describes the promotion system of science communication policy in modern China.

The main achievements of science communication in China are summarized, including: a representation model of science communication social mobilization mechanism led by the government with public engagement; the sustained growth of national investments in science communication and the multi-development of funding channels; the steady development of science communication talent, etc.

The opportunities and challenges that science communication in China is facing at present are analyzed. From the practice of China, we can see that government attention is a key factor in development of science communication. Facing the new context of the new era, China’s science communication will continue developing and prospering with Chinese characteristics.

Keywords: science communication, scientific literacy, science communication policy, science and technology innovation

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