Science communication filmmaking and multimedia workshop

Science communication filmmaking and multimedia workshop

Author: Wiebke Finkler – University of Otago, New Zealand

This is a practical and hands-on workshop for science communicators wanting to engage in multimedia outreach and learn how to create engaging content for public communication, with a particular focus on video production and storytelling. While the workshop focuses on science communication filmmaking the principles can be applied to photography, podcasts/vodcasts and wider online and social media content.

The workshop (aimed at beginners) covers 1. elements of effective science communication content, 2. introduces filmmaking (including storytelling and narrative development, basic camera and editing techniques), and 3. involves hands-on exercises for participants to practice with own devices (note: bring your own tablet, phone or camera). Please note that examples will be demonstrated using Apple devices such as iPad and iPhones.

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Presentation type: Workshop
Theme: Science
Area of interest: Teaching science communication