New data posted in PCST Repository

13 February 2021

The Repository contains abstracts and papers from PCST conferences. Now Marina Joubert and Hans Peter Peters of the PCST Scientific Committee have tracked down conference programs and reports from earlier conferences and symposiums, and added them to the Repository. They make fascinating reading.

Visit our repository for a reminder of what was on the PCST programme, and who worked behind the scenes, as far back as Melbourne (1996).

From a small meeting in Poitiers in 1989, to a large gathering of science communication researchers and practitioners in Dunedin in 2018, the PCST Network has organised 15 international conferences and 5 regional symposia up to 2020.

The materials produced before, during and after these events – including programs, collections of abstracts, papers and reports – capture much of the history and themes of the network.

This is why the PCST scientific committee renewed its efforts to collect as many of these documents as possible. In the process, we filled in many of the missing chapters in our history, but we are also searching from some of the earlier programmes, dating back to 1994 and earlier. If you can help, please email

Adding to this, President Brian Trench is selecting one paper from the repository, to feature in weekly editions of the SciCommer.