Read all the papers from PCST2020+1 PLUS JCom special edition

12 July 2021

Great news! Conference papers for the Public Communication of Science and Technology 2020 + 1 virtual conference held from 24 to 27 May 2021 can now be accessed by everyone (registered or not) from 1 August 2021.

Catch up for PCST2020+1 to go public from 1 August.

PCST has extended the opportunity to read all the papers from our conference.

It’s going to be available for everyone from 1 August.  This means you can share sessions with colleagues and others unable to attend the conference. Make sure to highlight your favourite sessions using social media.

Special JCOM Journal edition on PCST2020+1 participatory science communication for transformation

Speakers from PCST2020+1 are invited to contribute to a special edition of JCOM on participatory science communication.

The invitation is extended only to those who presented papers at the PCST2020+1 online conference. The contributions need not be limited to what was presented at the conference, but can be derived from such presentations, perhaps reflecting further thought prompted by the conference.

Those interested should initially submit a 1000-word (maximum) outline of their proposed paper. Please mark your outline clearly as to the format you would like to publish in: a research article (typically 5000 – 7500 words), practice insight (3000 – 5000 words) or an essay (3500 – 4500 words).

From the outlines, the editors (Jenni Metcalfe, Toss Gascoigne, Fabien Medvecky, Ana Claudia Nepote) will select those who will be invited to complete their paper.

Key dates:

  • Outlines of papers must be received by 2 August 2021. Send them to Jenni Metcalfe. Note that proposals that exceed the maximum word count (1000 words) or do not include the format of paper proposed (research article, practice insight or essay), will NOT be reviewed.
  • Completed manuscripts must be received by 4 October 2021. These should be submitted via JCOM, selecting the PCST Stories special issue option.
  • Intended publication date: February 2022