Science writing news roundup #16

12 November 2020

Popular science writing course + Jobs and internships for science writers + Storytelling for scientists + 10 of the best science books coming out this month. A weekly newsletter produced by Marianna Limas.

“I don’t think that being a scientist-turned-journalist should give you more credibility or devalue other journalists from writing about science. Helping the general public understand niche jargon or a complex theory when you don’t have a science background is a talent that I think a lot of scientists don’t properly appreciate,” said Katrina Wesencraft.

  • Storytelling for scientists: Learn about the throughline and “And, But, Therefore” (“ABT”).
  • How memorable melodies can make your research sing
  • Science communication is more important than ever. Here are 3 lessons from around the world on what makes it work.
  • We’re all science communicators. Here’s how to do it better
  • Jobs and internships

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