Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the PCST 2023 conference

26 May 2022

For PCST, as a worldwide organisation of science communication practitioners and researchers, fostering equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is extremely important.

We are revisiting and strengthening our commitment to EDI as we head towards the Rotterdam PCST conference in 2023.

For PCST 2023, we are making an explicit commitment to encourage equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in gender, age, ethnicity, other identities and geographical locations, and in terms of ideas and professional and methodological approaches (i.e., research and practice).

The theme of the PCST 2023 conference is ‘Creating Common Ground’. This cannot be achieved unless people are open, welcoming, willing to embrace diversity, and keen to join forces. The organisers of the PCST 2023 conference recognise that our experiences and views about science communication depend on our diverse cultures and lived experiences.

Ensuring that people from distinct backgrounds and unique identities can participate fully in the PCST 2023 conference will foster mutual learning and understanding, leading to new ideas and collaborations. This blend of people and thought will add value to the conference and the science communication sector.

As we organise the PCST 2023 conference and during the conference itself, we will continue working on a definition of EDI in the context of PCST, with the goal of proposing an EDI statement to be adopted by the PCST Network at the end of the conference. This statement will guide our organisation in the years to come but it will be revised to meet changing social needs and contexts over time.