Webinar: Science communication, repression, solidarity and democracy

Webinar date: 3 May 2022 

This webinar discussed the rights and responsibilities of science communicators, especially when freedom of speech, press or association is restricted.

It will explore the rights of science communicators to speak openly on how science is conducted and scientific information is disseminated and the responsibilities of science communicators to support each other when such rights are restricted.

Among the questions to be considered are:

  • Should science communicators advocate for and against particular uses of science?
  • Do they have the autonomy to express views on the state’s allocation of resources for particular areas of science?
  • Do they have a responsibility to speak out against misuse and misconduct in research?


  • Marlit Hayslett, USA
  • Mohamed Elsonbaty, Egypt
  • Julia Tagüeña, México
  • Michel Claessens, Belgium/France


Brian Trench, PCST Network, President