17 August 2022 – A panel of seasoned PCST Network members offer advice, inspiration and answers to questions about the PCST 2023 call for proposals.

9 August 2022 – This webinar discussed the journeys that prominent science communicators have taken from their original occupation as scientists.

27 July 2022 – From 30-31 May 2022, PCST members gathered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands to do some “hands on” planning for PCST 2023 (12-14 April 2023 in Rotterdam).

15 June 2022 – This webinar explores contested histories and contemporary challenges in science communication in East Asian countries.

3 May 2022 – This webinar discussed the rights and responsibilities of science communicators, especially when freedom of speech, press or association is restricted.

31 January 2022 – Four panelists spoke about opportunities for training and professional development and jobs, and networks for science media and communication in the Arab World.

9 December 2021 – Our panellists discuss how trust and mistrust is constructed in science, by scientists, with scientific institutions and by the public. 

29 October 2021 – During this informal webinar, the editors briefly presented issues about science communication research and publishing that are on their minds.

26 October 2021 – An inclusive history of science communication is the topic of a Lifeology flashcard course that takes us on a journey back in time to explore how science was shared and discussed around the world.

27 September 2021 – The purpose of this webinar was to explore the meanings and uses of ‘scientific culture’, and the significant points of convergence and divergence around this concept.

9 September 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic challenged all sectors of society. Science communication teaching was also badly affected.

20 April 2021 – This webinar introduces students of science communication to the world and words of science communication.

17 March 2021 – Science communicators have adapted to the global pandemic in creative ways by using new online formats and platforms. In this webinar, five panellists spoke about new ways to engage audiences by going digital.

15 September 2020 – The book ‘Communicating Science: A Global Perspective’ was launched via this webinar.

30 July 2020 – Discussions arising from the differential effects and communication about COVID-19 has made this topic timely and relevant.

26 May 2020 – COVID-19 presents one of the largest science communication challenges ever, with rapidly evolving science, enormous social and economic impacts and a rising global death toll. Hear international perspectives from Matt Nisbet, Marina Joubert, Dominique Brossard, Massimiano Bucchi, and Anwesha Chakraborty.