PCST2023 Online: Communication and context: Accounting for differences in perspective

PCST2023 Online: 3 April 2023 Session 1

In this session, presenters explored how important (potentially life-saving) information is communicated to different audiences and how practices are adapted and developed to account for differences in perspectives.

Building climate resilience in the Pacific: The Early Action Rainfall (EAR) Watch service
Presenter: Clare Mullen, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Communication for Inclusion: How can communication practices include people with ambulatory disabilities and older adults in autonomous public transport development?
Presenter: Tan Wenqi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Co-author: Shirley Ho, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Femininity as a medium: The grassroots communication practice and dilemma of female barefoot doctors
Presenter: Gan Pengqi, Peking University, China

Good riddance, we are still in the old world! Please don’t be so precise about science: The deliberate ambiguity of the dissemination of maternal-infant knowledge in China (1941-1950)
Presenter: Jiyi Yang, Xiangtan University, China
Co-author: Qing Xiao, Communication University of China

Framing COVID-19 Booster Dose: Action, consequences and conflict
Presenter: Nurulaini Abu Shamsi Universiti Malaya Malaysia
Co-author: Nur Aisyah Adila Akbar, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

Chair: Michelle Riedlinger, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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