Webinar: Participatory approaches for teaching science communication

Webinar date: 7 March 2024

PCST’s Teaching Forum hosted a webinar themed: Participatory approaches for teaching science communication on 7 March 2024.

Science communication is being taught around the world, from a single course or module to a full programme of one or two years. Science communication itself increasingly becomes an activity in which publics actively engage and interact; this approach is often reflected in the way in which science communication is taught. Instead of merely providing information to students, students engage in and influence their learning process. Study activities are often problem or challenge-based and students are teamed up with external clients for whom they design an intervention. In this webinar, three speakers presented about their teaching experiences with engaging audiences.


  • The Trojan Horse of public engagement: Do you want to learn public speaking skills? Let us give you so much more!
    Alexandra Anghelescu, University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Northern MedTalks: Co-creating powerful presentations with medical professionals to engage public audiences
    Michelle Reid, Laurentian University, Canada
  • Centering critical and culturally relevant pedagogy in the graduate science communication classroom
    Nic Bennett, The University of Texas at Austin; The University of Michigan, USA

Chairperson: April Eichmeier, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, USA

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