PCST2023 Online: Wiki Workshop

PCST2023 Online: 3 April 2023 Session 3

Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopaedia with 23 billion page views and 50 million edits made every month. Did you know that you can edit Wikipedia?

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Network for Open Knowledge (IDEA Network for short) is based at the University of St Andrews. It aims to make Wikipedia a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible place for all forms of knowledge. The award-winning Network co-founders ran this CPD workshop. They explained the process step by step in this deeply practical session, and were available to answer any questions about incorporating Wiki editing into public engagement practice, illustrated with real-world science communication examples.

Participants were asked to create a Wikipedia account (if they did not already have one) and were taken through the background and rules that govern Wikipedia editing. They were introduced to simple tools for specific tasks for editing Wikipedia and other sister projects, and had the opportunity to practice using the tools under the guidance of the workshop leads.


  • To learn how to register as a Wikipedia editor
  • To understand the knowledge gaps, present on the world’s largest encyclopaedia, and how we might fill them
  • To appreciate the community rules for adding content to Wikipedia (neutrality, conflict of interest, tone etc)
  • To experience adding materials to other Wikimedia projects (WikiData, WikiCommons)
  • To understand the possibilities such approaches can offer to make open knowledge more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible


  • Kirsty Ross, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
  • Abd Alsattar Ardati, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
  • Sara Thomas, Wikimedia UK, United Kingdom

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