PCST2023 Online: Who is responsible?

PCST2023 Online: 4 April 2023 Session 3

In this session, the presenters considered the roles and responsibilities, of audiences, science communication practitioners and science journalists.

Socio-scientific issues meet AI technology: Reflections on the cognitive order of society
Presenter: Esther Greussing, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Co-author: Monika Taddicken, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Co-author: Ayalet Baram-Tsabari, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

How to communicate science during polarized elections: The case of Inmetro in 2022 in Brazil
Presenter: Aline de Oliveira Coelho, Inmetro / Universidade de Coimbra, Brazil
Co-author: Livia Neto Machado, Inmetro, Brazil

Who’s to blame? Attribution of responsibility for addressing environmental issues in the United States
Presenter: Kathleen Rose, University of Missouri, United States
Co-author: Vy Luong, University of Missouri, United States

It might not be my place to…: How journalists perceive their roles in environmental communication
Presenter: Vy Luong, University of Missouri, United States
Co-author: Kathleen Rose, University of Missouri, United States

Do we need Science and Technology museums?
Presenter: Sandra Murriello, CITECDE, UNRN, Argentina
Co-author: Astrid Bengtsson, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina

Chair: Marlit Hayslett, Hayslett Consulting, United States

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