Invitation to self-nominate for election to the Scientific Committee

1 February 2023

We invite financial members of the PCST to self-nominate for election to the Scientific Committee.

To self-nominate, log in to the members area and complete the self-nomination form.

Fifteen members (half of the total Scientific Committee) will be elected for four years:

  • Europe (four members)
  • Africa and the Americas (four members)
  • Asia, Australasia and the rest of the World (four members)
  • Candidates under 35 years from any country (two members)
  • Student representative (one member for a 2-year term)

All financial members (except those with expiring terms of 8 consecutive years on the Scientific Committee) are eligible to self-nominate, and post a short statement and a photograph on the PCST website.

The main responsibilities of Committee Members are to make decisions about the direction of the PCST Network, to attend the biennial conferences and chair sessions, and to act as referees for proposals for conference presentations.

Members will publicise PCST events in their own communities and countries, and there may be opportunities to represent PCST at other conferences and events.

All Scientific Committee members must have read the PCST Network’s Constitution.

Nominations are open in the Members area of the PCST website from 1 February until 1 March. All nominations will be displayed on the PCST Network website.

Voting opens in the Members area of the PCST website on 9 April 2023, 23:00 UTC and closes on 14 April 2023, 23 UTC.

Results will be announced at the end of the PCST 2023 conference and through an email to PCST members.

View a list of the current members of the Scientific Committee and their terms of office.